Why do the Swiss trust DialoguE?

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You live in a multilingual country where dialogue is vital. Speaking the other person’s language is not enough. To communicate effectively, you want to express yourself with tact and precision.

Established nearly twenty years ago by Belgian linguists who were aware of the challenges of multilingualism, DialoguE offers you more than a simple language course. It offers you the possibility to learn to communicate effectively.

That is what many Swiss companies already know: Axima, Allianz Switzerland, Axa-Winterthur, The Baloise Insurance Company, Bluesign Technologies, BP Switzerland, CFF (The Swiss Railway), Clariden Bank, Crédit Suisse, Display, ELCO Energiesysteme, Hoffmann-La Roche, Holderchem, IGE (Federal Institute of Intellectual Property), Livit, J.P Morgan, Manor, Migros, Nestlé, Novartis, Pago Ag, Philip Morris, RSR (Switzerland's French-language radio), Sulzer, Swiss, Swisscom, Swiss Hotel Association, Swiss Life, Swiss Re, UBS, Verlag SPORT, Zurich Insurance…

DialoguE guarantees:

Quality: exceptional service in all areas : Lessons, meals, rooms etc.

Efficiency: Optimal preparation for the tasks to complete, the objectives to achieve, the projects to accomplish

Reliability: Whatever your difficulties, your needs, your expectations, your objectives, your projects, Dialogue will fulfil its promises.

High returns: A Dialogue weekend equals one week elsewhere; a DialoguE week equals three to four weeks elsewhere.

Choice: You are free to choose the length of your stay, the number of lessons, the subjects, the vocabulary etc.

Peace of mind: Certainty to have made the right choice (see testimonials). Everyone who has prepared for an exam with Dialogue has succeeded.

Competence: A maieutic Socratic approach, effective methods to improve your pronunciation, your listening comprehension and your acquisition of vocabulary and grammar.

Recognition: Our competence is recognised by universities (Colombia, Harvard etc.), scientific publications in the reviews of Louvain and Liege universities. Articles on DialoguE in Wall Street Journal, The Bulletin, Living in Belgium etc.

Sustainability: Life-long results


You are certain to be making a worthwhile investment with DialoguE